Change is a process,
not an event...


The change process in Aras Innovator® manages all change requests, assessments, plans, and orders to a product or system. It also ensures users throughout the extended supply chain have easy visibility into the engineering change status through the product lifecycle, where change histories are automatically captured and recorded.

Anautics’ change management incorporates Aras Innovator® with it’s OnPoint decision support technology. This combines existing business processes with the capability of decision support as a technology solution.  We provide insights on how to conceptualize processes of an existing enterprise, evaluate and audit its requirement for optimum performance and throughput in terms of performance of process, product, people, problems and approaches for innovative technology solutions. 

Key Features


-Standard best practice templates: CMII, Simple ECO or Custom
-Part and document change processes
-Flexible and adaptable to the needs of your business
-Automated impact analysis
-Effectivity and release date
-Escalation and delegation, group voting, weighted voting, executive veto
-Improves ECO cycle times
-Reduces errors, delays, scrap, and rework
-Improves product quality and reduces cost
-Avoids delays in product launch
-Faster response to customer requirements
-Improves customer service