Security. Access. Integration
Organizations are faced with the increasing challenge of ensuring that all types of CAD data and Microsoft Office documents are stored in a secure repository for later recall, either directly or in the context of the product to which they relate.
Additionally they must ensure that the information can be viewed by any user during design reviews, engineering changes, defect investigations and more.
Manage Your Data Effectively
PDM with Aras manages the creation, change and archive of all information in a centralized or distributed data repository and provides easy access to all users via secure visual collaboration capabilities. Connectors are available for all popular MCAD and ECAD tools and Microsoft Office. Part and BOM items are automatically linked to corresponding CAD and document items.
Benefits of PDM with Aras
Powerful PDM capabilities ensure that everyone is accessing the right information, avoiding errors and eliminating delays. Distributed storage vaults make information quickly accessible anywhere supporting global product development and supply chain collaboration strategies. Visual collaboration broadens and increases the pace of discussion, resulting in better products that can be brought to market faster.