About Us
Founded in 2000, Anautics has been dedicated to innovation through our services, software, and training solutions. We are a responsive company with a strong corporate backbone, experienced staff and a proven track record for ensuring customer satisfaction. Our success is based on the outstanding character of our team.
  • Trusted and Capable Employees
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Solid Customer Base
  • Strong Teaming Partners
Servant Leadership
As owners, directors, and program managers, we understand that part of being a leader is knowing the system, following and enforcing rules, and providing support and guidance for those we manage or supervise. We have developed a team of leaders who have industry experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies, military, to education. This experience allows us to quickly understand your key issues, identify the right solution to meet your needs, and properly configure solutions for you.
Our team understands that becoming part of executive management brings more responsibility than rights. The servant leadership model helps us develop leaders who:
  • devote themselves to serving the needs of organization members
  • focus on meeting the needs of those who lead
  • develop employees to bring out the best in them
  • coach others and encourage their self expression
  • facilitate personal growth in all who work with them
  • listen and build a sense of community
Clarity of Purpose
The actions of our leadership team affects every employee in the company. We understand that to be successful in a global market, we must go at it wholeheartedly, clear in the knowledge that what we are doing is a positive contribution to the world.