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As owners, directors, and program managers, we understand that part of being a leader is knowing the system, following and enforcing rules, and providing support and guidance for those we manage or supervise.
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Founded in 2000, we are a small business founded on the idea that we can have a positive impact by Building Things that Matter. We’ve worked with over 50 different clients on almost every type of software problem imaginable from mobile apps to cloud solutions, web services to product life cycle management. We take great pride in how we engage with customers, solving complex problems and delivering high quality solutions.
Mike Johnson, CEO, Anautics, Inc

Core Values At Anautics

We feel privileged that we get to come to work each day and build products that have a direct and very real impact. We certainly don’t take that lightly. We feel proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and at the same time, encouraged by the fact that this is just the beginning.
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At Anautics we empower our employees and work to master our craft in a way that is authentic, different, and true. We push to change the industry with the products we build, while touching the people who’s lives we are working to make easier.
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Anautics' success only possible with the creativity, passion, and drive from our team. Impacting the lives of the people that use our products is the main goal at Anautics. We have created a culture with people that share the same passion.
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We make sure to connect with intent across all boundaries.  Between the people we hire, the clients we serve, and the products we make, making that elaborate connection to stay consistent to our values so important to everything we do.
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We try to keep an open line of communication with everything we do, internally and externally.  We share openly, ask questions often and confidently, and always remember to listen. Making sure to do our best not to confuse or misunderstand.
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Trust is the foundation for everything at Anautics. We have spent a great deal of time growing trust of the people in the industry who’s lives we are trying to impact. We will continue to be transparent and open to make sure that trust stays intact.
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Being able to adapt to changing times is a necessity to grow and succeed. We must be able to evolve, learn, and pivot in any direction that presents itself in order for us to build the products that are equal to the needs of the people we are helping.
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Anautics Digital Services

Our services will help you advance customer and design centric thinking through your organizations, from strategy through execution. Helping you solve the difficult and costly problems while growing your business in a trusted and efficient way.

Meet The People Behind Anautics

Founded in 2000, Anautics has been dedicated to strategic innovation through our services, software, and training solutions. We are a responsive company with a strong corporate backbone, experienced staff and a proven track record for ensuring customer satisfaction. Our success is based on the outstanding character of our team.
Executive Leaders
Mike Johnson Headshot

Mike Johnson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Brian Bendele Headshot

Brian Bendele

Operations (President/COO)
Garrett Alderson Headshot

Garrett Alderson

Delivery (CDO)
Jon Hodge Headshot

Jon Hodge

Engineering (CENO)

Pitamber Tiwari

Technology (CTO)
Anthony Vallerio

Anthony Vallario

Information Security (CISO)
Dee Wilson Headshot

Dee Wilson

Business (CBO)

Bridget Dobbs

Operations Manager
Business Leaders
Dan Bonomo Headshot

Dan Bonomo

DevSecOps Manager
Joe Savage Headshot

Joe Savage

Customer Success Manager

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We are always looking for people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our team. If you're looking for a place that values your curiosity, passion, and desire to learn, if you're seeking colleagues who are big thinkers eager to take on fresh challenges as a team, then you're perfect for Anautics.
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